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We Want Your Participation!!

We are a Northern Melbourne suburbs Darts League which is always looking for new players of all standards. We at the N.D.A. are currently looking for New Players, Teams and Venues to expand our league & we want your participation!!

We play every Wednesday night starting at 8pm. You will need 6-8 players & we are a mixed league, so ladies are most welcome.

So if you are an individual looking for a team, a team looking for a venue or a venue looking for players, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

E-mail us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or call 0408 857 984

Visit our website - go the contact us menu above and leave your details.

Also join up as a friend on our Facebook page at the below link:

Why not start up your own new team today?

Contact us, we'll show you how !!


Tuesday 14th April 2015
General Meeting

Reservoir FC - 8pm Sharp

Fine For Non Attendance Is $20

Thanks - NDA Committee






To all Captains and Players,


Welcome back everyone!!

Our new season will be starting on Wednesday 4th of February 2015.


This Weeks Matches: Round 5

A Grade
Da Wolf Pack v Reservoir Bulls at Rose Shamrock Hotel
The Dockers v The Shooters at The Yarraville Club
Cramers Legends v Broadmeadows Bandits at Cramers Hotel
Reservoir Dogs v North Heid Hawks at Reservoir FC
Junction Coosts - BYE


B Grade
Pres/Res Lakies v Whittlesea Royals at Pres/Res BC
Watsonia Saints v Cramers Shed at Watsonia FC
Doutta Jets v Reservoir Mustangs at Douttagalla BC
Whittlesea Eagles v Junction Grifters at The Royal Mail Hotel
Watsonia Fill-Ins - BYE


C Grade
East Keilor Boozers v North Heid Bulldogs at East Keilor FC
South Morang Lions v Plough Hotel at Soth Morang FC
Doutta Guns v Pres/Res Rockets at Douttagalla BC
North Heid Dogs v Lalor Bloods at North Heid FC
Coolaroo Storm - BYE


Good Luck To All Teams

Results: Round 1

A Grade
The Dockers def Cramers Legends 9-2
Junction Coosts def North Heid Hawks 8-3
Reservoir Bulls def Broadmeadows Bandits 8-3
Reservoir Dogs def Da Wolf Pack 6-5
The Shooters - BYE

B Grade
Reservoir Mustangs def Whittlesea Royals 7-4
Watsonia Fill-Ins def Cramers Shed 7-4
Watsonia Saints def Doutta Jets 6-5
Whittlesea Eagles def Pres/Res Lakies 6-5
Junction Grifters - BYE

C Grade
Doutta Guns def South Morang Lions 8-3
North Heid Bulldogs def Pres/Res Rockets 7-4
North Heid Dogs def East Keilor Boozers 6-5
Lalor Bloods def Coolaroo Storm 6-5
Plough Hotel - BYE

Results: Round 2

A Grade
Junction Coosts def Broadmeadows Bandits 8-3
Da Wolf Pack def North Heid Hawks 8-3
The Dockers def Reservoir Dogs 7-4
The Shooters def Reservoir Bulls 7-4
Cramers Legends - BYE

B Grade
Pres/Res Lakies def Junction Grifters 7-4
Cramers Shed def Whittlesea Royals 7-4
Doutta Jets def Watsonia Fill-Ins 6-5
Whittlesea Eagles def Watsonia Saints 6-5
Reservoir Mustangs -BYE

C Grade
North Heid Bulldogs def Plough Hotel 8-3
East Keilor Boozers def Lalor Bloods 8-3
North Heid Dogs def South Morang Lions 8-3 w/o
Pres/Res Rockets def Coolaroo Storm 6-5
Doutta Guns - BYE

Results: Round 3

A Grade
Da Wolf Pack def Broadmeadows Bandits 8-3
The Dockers def North Heid Hawks 7-4
Junction Coosts def The Shooters 7-4
Reservoir Dogs def Cramers Legends 7-4
Reservoir Bulls - BYE

B Grade
Reservoir Mustangs def Pres/Res Lakies 8-3
Doutta Jets def Whittlesea Eagles 6-5
Whittlesea Royals def Watsonia Fill-Ins 6-5
Junction Grifters def Watsonia Saints 6-5
Cramers Shed - BYE

C Grade
East Keilor Boozers def Pres/Res Rockets 8-3
Doutta Guns def North Heid Dogs 7-4
Lalor Bloods def South Morang Lions 7-4
Plough Hotel def Coolaroo Storm 7-4
North Heid Bulldogs - BYE


Results: Round 4

A Grade
Da Wolf Pack def The Shooters 9-2
North Heid Hawks def Cramers Legends 8-3
Junction Coosts def Reservoir Bulls 7-4
The Dockers def Broadmeadows Bandits 7-4
Reservoir Dogs - BYE

B Grade
Doutta Jets def Junction Grifters 7-4
Watsonia Saints def Reservoir Mustangs 7-4
Whittlesea Eagles def Watsonia Fill-Ins 7-4
Cramers Shed def Pres/Res Lakies 6-5
Whittlesea Royals - BYE

C Grade
East Keilor Boozers def Plough Hotel 9-2
South Morang Lions def Pres/Res Rockets 7-4
North Heid Bulldogs def Coolaroo Storm 7-4
Lalor Bloods def Doutta Guns 6-5
North Heid Dogs - BYE


"Ossie" Day 2015


Well Done to Ash Britt on winning this years Robert "Ossie" Osmond Memorial Singles Knock-out.


Ash defeated Daniel Gielb 5-1 in the Final.


That makes it back to back titles for Ash, following up his win last year. And well done to Daniel for being Runner-up this year.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

All Captains,

Please make sure that score sheets are filled out correctly before signing them as we are still receiving sheets with No Pegs Circled and Tons not being written in.

Also please NO nicknames please, as sometimes it's hard to work out who is who. Any nicknames won't be credited with games played.

If you are still unsure on how to fill out a score sheet correctly, you'll find an example on our website.

If anyone has any questions regarding any of these matters please do not hesitate to contact me.

From Dan

Hi Everyone

Just reminder: scorebooks are available at any time throughout the season. Just call or text me on 0408 857 984, and we can arrange a time to get them to you. Also you can pick them up at any NDA meeting. Cost for these are $13 per book.

Also I can organise the lucky number break opens, if anyone needs them. Please let me know. Cost for these are $38 for a box of 100 cards.

Thanks Dan


There are some New Teams hoping to partcipate next season, in the NDA, who require a few players to help get them get started.

If anyone is interested in joining one of these new teams please get in touch with the NDA immediately.

Can you please contact us at the below links asap.

Email us at: and go the contact us menu above and leave your details.

The Teams/Clubs who need players:

Kalakallo Hotel: 1324 Hume Hwy, Kalkallo

Contact Fred on: 0448 175 986

Greensborough Hotel: 75 Main St, Greensborough

Contact Reardon Jones on: 9435 1911

Bellfield Cricket Club: Ford Park - Davidson St, Bellfield

Contact Daniel Owens on: 0408 857 984

West Ivanhoe Cricket Club: Seddon Reserve - Off Green Street, Ivanhoe

Contact John Utting on: 0431 542 144

Olympic Colts Cricket Club: Olympic Village Reserve - Catalina Street, West Heidelberg

Ian Kearns on: 0457 483 936

NDA Christmas OPEN 2014 - Results

Well Done to North Heidelberg Football Club for being nominated to host this year's NDA Christmas OPEN.

NDA CHRISTMAS OPEN 2014 - Sponsors: TOX & Dean's Car Detailing

Jason Murdoch def Tyler Fitch 5-2

More details to follow ..........



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How it works:

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