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NDA Constitution

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Northern Darts Association

Constitution and Playing Rules as at 30-7-2013


(2) THE AIM OF THE N.D.A. - Shall be to promote the game of darts.

(3) MEMBERSHIP OF THE N.D.A. - All teams are subject to admission by the N.D.A. each season and a nomination fee of $25 per team shall apply. The nomination fee shall be due and the team nomination made at the first N.D.A. monthly meeting of the current season. The nomination fee shall be forfeited should a team renege there nomination.

A team shall not be considered as having been accepted into the N.D.A. in the forthcoming season unless they have complied with that stipulated above.

A team shall not be considered as having been accepted into the N.D.A. unless the captain or team delegate has signed their team’s “Captain & Behavior Policy” sign-off sheet, and submitted it back to the N.D.A. Committee.

Any team not complying with the above and any new team wishing to enter the Association will then be accepted into the Association at the discretion of the committee in the order that the nomination fee is paid as shown in the receipt book of the Treasurer of the N.D.A.

All teams shall be financial from previous season before nominating for next season.

The N.D.A Committee/members shall have the right to refuse and player or team from joining the N.D.A. at any time, and for any reason it sees fit. Subject to a 2/3rd majority vote at any general meeting.

(4) OFFICE BEARERS - The office of the N.D.A. shall be as follows: 

President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Contest Director.

(5) COMMITTEE - In addition to the office bearers the committee shall consist of one delegate from each team which has been accepted into the N.D.A.

The President of the N.D.A. shall hold a ‘casting’ vote in the event of any tied vote.

An office bearer shall not act as a team delegate.



Shall preside at all meetings of  the N.D.A.

Shall maintain order at all times and shall ensure that the duties of the other officers are carried out.


Shall carry out the duties of the president when he /she is unavailable.


Shall conduct all correspondence of the N.D.A. under the directions of the Committee.

Shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the N.D.A.


Shall keep all accounts of the N.D.A.

Shall receive all monies due to the N.D.A. and pay all accounts due by the N.D.A.

Shall produce all accounts and receipts and submit a financial statement at each monthly meeting conducted by the N.D.A.

Shall prepare an annual statement of the accounts and credits which must be placed before the members at the Annual General Meeting.

Shall produce all credit, debit and bank books for inspection.

(E) CONTEST DIRECTOR:             

Shall arrange all competitive events that involve the N.D.A or any associate body.

Shall receive the original score sheet of all competition games approved by the N.D.A.

Shall keep a record of all scores thrown and any other information required by the N.D.A. committee. (Should the N.D.A. consist of three grades or more, then an assistant to The Contest Director, may be appointed by the Committee)

(7) TRIBUNAL - A Tribunal Chairman and Tribunal Members to be elected at Annual General Meeting.

(a) TRIBUNAL CHAIRMAN: to chair any hearings that may require disciplinary action.

(b) TRIBUNAL MEMBERS: to hear evidence given at hearing and assist with an outcome.

(8) LIFE MEMBERS - Shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting of the N.D.A. upon a 2/3rd majority vote by the committee being obtained.

To qualify for life membership an office bearer must have served on the committee for a period of not less than five years. Any member of the N.D.A. may be nominated for life membership. All nominations will be reviewed by the current committee, which must be accepted by a majority vote. 

(9) AFFLIATION AND ASSOCIATION FEES - All teams must pay an affiliation fee of  $100

The fees for the player and games for the season must be paid no later than the monthly meeting following the half way point of the season, otherwise a late payment fee of $20 will apply.

The committee reserves the right to suspend any team from the competition if they are unfinancial to the N.D.A. in any manner whatsoever.

(10) FINES- Teams will be fined when:

(a) They fail to have a delegate at a meeting. The fine is $20.

In the event of the fine being incurred and if the fine is not paid at the following meeting, the offending team will have any points they have accrued in the previous weeks deducted from their standings. For example:

Meeting Held 14/9/2010 - No Team Delegate at meeting = $20 fine


Team Played  on 15/9/2010  - Won match

Team Played  on 22/9/2010 - Won match

Team Played  on 29/9/2010 - Lost match 

Team Played  on 6/10/2010 - Won match  = 3 wins & 1 loss


Meeting Held 12/10/2010 - No payment of fine from meeting 14/9/2010 = Loss of 6 points from standings.

(b)  They fail to ring the scores through to the Contest Director by the day stipulated.

WINNING TEAM , the fine is $10. (Including Finals games)

(C) They fail to dispatch the original score sheet to reach the Contest Director by the day stipulated. (Including Finals games)

WINNING TEAM , the fine is $10.

(D) They submit an illegible score sheet HOME TEAM, the fine is $10. (Including Finals games)

All fines must be paid at the next meeting following the time at which they have been incurred. Failure to comply will result in the loss of any winning points incurred in the previous weeks.

See example of 10(a)

EXCEPTION: No team can compete in any finals game whilst they have any N.D.A. fines, dues or score sheets outstanding. Any outstanding fees are to be paid and score sheets handed in by Tuesday prior to finals commencing.


(a)  The Annual General Meeting must be held prior to the 31st July each year and shall be the only N.D.A. meeting conducted on an open forum.

(b) Meetings will be held on the committee’s discretion.

(c) All Teams are to be represented by at least “one” delegate, at all meetings. In the case there are ‘two’ teams playing from ‘one’ venue, there must be a delegate from each separate team present.

(12) APOLOGIES - Will only be accepted at the delegate’s discretion and circumstances should be exceptional.  Any more than “one” apology, may be subject to refusal.

(13) CHAMPIONSHIPS - The association will conduct a trebles, doubles, and singles tournament each      year. Depending on numbers this may be ran as combined A,B,C Grade Drawn format.

(a) Only players who have played 1 game or more in the N.D.A. in the current year (31st July- 30th July) or have been long term members in the past, are eligible to play in these tournaments, subject to committee approval.

(14) ALTERATIONS TO THE RULES OF THE CONSTITUTION - Any rule of the constitution can only be altered by a 2/3rd majority at an Annual General Meeting, or at a special meeting called for that purpose.

All prospective alterations must be submitted in writing, to the N.D.A. Committee, by no later than “four” weeks prior to an Annual General Meeting, so changes can be reviewed. Committee to set exact date.

(15) POSTING OF RESULTS - Each winning team is required to phone or sms the final result of the game to the Contest Director by noon the day following the match or otherwise directed.

The original score sheet is to be fully completed and be dispatched by post by the WINNING team, to reach the Contest Director no later than the Tuesday following the match. Fines of $10 will apply for non-compliance. (This includes all Finals games). All scoresheets must be readable, checked over by each captain and signed off by both for the result to be made official.

(16) TEAM CAPTAINS - Will maintain order at all times with the assistance of the Licensee or Manager of the establishment. Captains to follow and uphold  the “N.D.A. Captain’s Responsibilities” guidelines.

(17) ALL PLAYERS - shall read, respect and reinforce the Constitution and Playing Rules of the N.D.A.

(18) MEMBERS - No member of the N.D.A. shall misconduct themselves at any of the Associations functions or venues.

(19) PROTESTS - All protests and complaints must be lodged with the Secretary of the N.D.A. in writing within Seven days of the occurrence. The committee of the N.D.A. will hear all protests and complaints in its entirety. All protests and complaints must be sent to The N.D.A. Secretary email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(20) DRESS CODE - All must respect the rules of dress at all venues within the Association. No opened toed shoes are to be warn, (thongs, open sandals etc) unless you have a valid medical certificate.

(21) BOARDS - All boards shall have adequate lighting with a white or light colored background, and must be approved by the Association.

Match boards must be available for use 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the match.

(22) QUALIFICATION - To be eligible to compete in any finals match, each player must have played 1/3rd of the total home and away games as shown on the fixture each season with the same team.

Committee to review extraordinary situation, where a team has does not have a full team to participate in a finals match. All requests must be put in writing. Requests may be subject to refusal.

(23) TRANSFERS - A player cannot transfer from one club to another club within the N.D.A. once the season has started unless financial with the former club.

Under no circumstances can a player transfer to another club or team after the half way point of the season.

Players within a club may transfer to a higher grade of darts at any time, but may not return to a lower grade during the same season.

All player movement must be made known to The N.D.A. Committee before player commences with new Team. Either in writing or via phone call or sms, to The Contest Director or Secretary with where the player is transferring and for what reason. This includes multiple Teams from a single venue.

23(a) GRADING OF PLAYERS - The N.D.A. does not grade individual players as such, although the Committee can, at its discretion, object to a large volume of seasoned players representing a team in the lower grades of the N.D.A.

When a player contests in an official N.D.A. match he/she shall assume that grade of darts for the entire season. A player may ascend to a higher grade of darts during the season providing that it is in accordance with Rule No 22 but under no circumstances may a player descend to a lower grade of darts for the remainder of that season.

(24) UNFINANCIAL CLUB MEMBERS - It is the responsibility of each club to inform the N.D.A Secretary in writing of any player who is unfinancial with their club. Upon receipt of such advice the Association will declare the affected player as being unfinancial with the club concerned and such player a will then be unable to transfer to any other club within the Association until such time as the outstanding monies are paid to the club concerned.

The Contest Director will be responsible for detecting any unfinancial player from the score sheets supplied who has transferred to another club, and must inform the club to whom the unfinancial player has transferred that they cannot play the player concerned in a future game until the matter has been rectified.

Any Club who continues to play an unfinancial player after having been informed by the Association, will lose any winning points that they should gain for each game that the unfinancial player competes in.

(25) PLAYER RECOGNITION - The N.D.A. undertakes to provide a memento to any player who competes in the Association for a period of not less than ten and twenty consecutive years . It will be the responsibility of  the player of the club to inform the N.D.A. of the player concerned once the 10 consecutive years has been achieved. The notification must be made at the Annual General Meeting each year and the award will be presented at presentation day/night of the N.D.A.

(26) TROPHIES ETC - Trophies will be awarded to the players who achieve the following on a seasonal basis (each grade of darts) and must be claimed by the recipient within ninety days of the official ownership of the N.D.A. presentation night. Any trophy not so claimed within the specified time shall revert to the ownership of the N.D.A. and be used by the N.D.A. to its advantage.

(26a) The trophies awarded are as follows:

(1) HIGHEST SCORE - Count back applies on any score less than 180

(2) MOST SINGLES WON - Count back applies

(3) MOST SCORES OF 100 OR MORE - Count back applies

(4) MOST FINISHES - Countback applies

(5) HIGHEST FINISH - Countback applies

(6) MOST IMPROVED - Player who statistically makes the Most Improvement from the previous season.

PENNANTS - Will be awarded in each grade of competition on a seasonal basis to the Premiers and Runners- up.

PLAQUES - Will be awarded for Life Membership and player recognition services as warranted.

BADGES/MEDALLIONS - Will be awarded to any player who achieves the maximum score of 180 in any season, association championship or authorized challenge match.

(26b) TEAM OF THE SEASON - Framed plaque listing season’s achievements, are also awarded to the best 8 performed players for the season in each grade and is known as The NDA Team Of The Season. This award is given the  players with the most points on a system which is as follows 5 points for a win, 5 points for a singles win, 5 points for a peg, 3 points for a score of 100+, 2 points for a score of 80+, 1 point for a score of 60+.

(26c) MEMORIAL TROPHIES - Each week team captains choose a player from the opposition to be the Most Valuable Player for the night, at the end of the season the player(s) with the most votes are awarded the memorial trophy for their grade.

“A Grade” to be known as the Ron Liddy Memorial Trophy

“B Grade” to be known as the Graeme Merritt Memorial Trophy

“C Grade” to be known as the Doris Dunmall Memorial Trophy.

(26d) SPONSORED PLAYER AWARD - As of season Summer/Winter 2010 the N.D.A. received sponsorship from Dynamic Billiards and as a part of that, Dynamic Billiards wishes to sponsor their own award going to the best player in each grade according to the ranking points Rule (26a). This award will only exist in name as long as Dynamic Billiards wish to sponsor the N.D.A. Subject to change of Sponsor(s)   

(27) TEAM POINTS AND FINALS- For each match won a team receives 2 points and will receive 1 point for each singles, doubles and triples game won and 1 point Against for each game lost. The top 4 teams in each grade at the end of the season will go through to the semi finals. The teams ranked 1st and 2nd will play the major semi final, the winner of that game goes straight through to the grand final and the loser will play the winner of the minor semi final between the 3rd and 4th teams in the preliminary final. The winner of the preliminary final will play the winner of the major semi final for the premiership. The Major Semi Final is to be played at the 1st ranked team’s home venue while the minor semi will be at the home of the 3rd team. The preliminary final will be played at the home venue of the losers of the Major Semi Final. The Grand Final will be played at the venue of the winner of the Major semi final.

(28) TIEBREAKERS - In the event that 2 teams are tied on wins and for and against legs at the end of the season tie breakers will be enforced to try to separate the teams. For example

                            Won       Lost        For          Agst        Points    

Team A                 10           6              110         56           20          

Team B                 9              7              90           70           18          

Team C                 9              7              90           70           18

Team D                 8              8              80           80           16

If this was the situation at the end of the season the Contest Director would look at the matches played between teams B and C to see who gets to play in the Major semi final against team A.

TIEBREAKER 1 - if Team B beat Team C more times than Team C beat Team B then team B would go through to the finals.

TIEBREAKER 2 - if Team B and C tie each other for win against each other the next tiebreaker will come down to legs, so if Team B beat Team C 8-3, and Team C beat team B 6-5 then team B would go through 13-9

TIEBREAKER 3 - In the event that both teams are still tied the higher ranked team will be the team to win the most singles matches between the 2 sides in the matches played against each other.

TIEBREAKER 4 (A Grade only) if still tied the team with the best winning percentage in singles legs will be the higher ranked team.

If things are still tied both teams concerned will have a playoff at a neutral venue or a venue that both teams are happy to play at.

(29) WALKOVERS - Captains are to inform the Contest Director prior to 6:30pm on the day of the game, that they are giving opposing team a walkover. The opposing team must also be notified by team giving walkover. If Captain does not inform either, then they shall be subjected to disciplinary action.

Any walkovers called in after 6:30pm, must be of an emergency type nature. Contest Director to investigate further, into each case.

(a) After “two” walkovers, N.D.A. Committee shall step in to investigate viability of team continuing in the N.D.A. Should a team not continue in that season, then their position in the fixture will become a BYE and all other past results involving that team, shall reflect a BYE also.

(b) Team receiving walkover, shall receive 2 points for a win and best winning “for and against legs” score for the round towards their ladder position.

(c) Team receiving walkover, shall have the opportunity to submit a blank score sheet for qualification purposes. Also each player listed shall receive “Team Of The Season” points as follows: 5 points for a win and 5 points for a singles win, per player listed. A win shall not be credited though towards each player’s singles record for the season. Score sheet to be submitted as per Rule (15), but if not, fine does not apply and no players shall receive games for qualification or “Team Of The Season” points.

(d) Team giving up walkover, shall receive no “for legs” score for the round and will receive highest “against legs” score for the round, towards their ladder position. Players shall not receive any “Team Of The Season” points.

(e) Repeat offenders, shall be fined $50, to be paid at the next N.D.A. General Meeting.

(30) Promotion / Relegation - The winning Team shall be promoted to the Grade above in the following season. The last placed team shall be relegated to the Grade below in the following season.

The only time this may not be possible is, if the N.D.A. goes through some form of re-structure or suffers a mass exodus of teams from the association. The Contest Director shall work through these circumstances with the relevant teams to find the best outcome.

(31) Fixturing Of Matches - When fixturing matches, all care shall be taken to give all teams an even fixture. There shall be equal ‘home’ games and equal ‘away’ games unless there are circumstances that don’t allow this to happen, (eg. an uneven amount of rounds).  Also consideration must be made to venues who host multiple Teams and don’t have enough boards, for all to play at home on same night.




Unless otherwise stated for the purpose of the rules the following definitions shall apply

1.1          N.D.A. - Northern Darts Association

1.2          STANDARD - Refers to the rules set out by the Australian Darts Federation  in conjunction with the world’s organisation.

1.3          CALLER - The only person authorised to call scores.

1.4          MARKER - The person responsible for writing the scores on the black/white board.

1.5          THROW - Is the throwing of three darts (or less if finishing).

1.6          BUST - Any score in excess of score remaining.

1.7          REFEREE/CONTROLLER - Any person nominated by the Association to supervise events.

1.8          SCORER - Is the person responsible for writing scores in the official scorebook.


2.1          Each player must be equipped with his/ her own set of darts.

2.2          The darts may be no longer than 20cm in length

2.3          Darts may be no heavier than 50 grams each.

2.4          All darts must have a recognisable point, barrel and attached flight and stem.


3.1          All boards must be of the bristle type.

(3.1a)     Circular wire-band dart boards are not to be used in the NDA competition as of the end of 2011 calendar year. Flat-band or Diamond Head type boards are allowed.

3.2          Shall be 1-20 clock design.

3.3          Should have outer doubles band and an inner triples band with a centre 25 and 50 ring. The 50 is to be known as the “Bull”.  

3.4          the “standard” dimensions will be: 

(a) Width of trebles and doubles bands - 8mm

(b) Inner bull (50) to be 12.7mm in diameter

(c) Outer bull (25) to be 31.0 in diameter

(d) Outer edge of the doubles band 366 in diameter.

3.5          The number 20 must always be in the position at the top of the board and must be coloured black.

3.6          The boards positional dimensions shall be fixed height of 1.73 metres from the centre of the bull to the floor, 2.37 meters from a plumb line at the face of the board to the oche and 2.934 metres diagonally from the bull to the oche.

3.7          All lighting is to be at least 100 watts in intensity or 20 watts if using fluorescent lighting.

3.8          Lighting must be shielded from players eyes when standing at the oche.

3.9          Lighting must be of sufficient height so as to not interfere with a players throw.


4.1          The oche shall be 2.37 metres from the plumb line at the face of the board.

4.2          A flat tape oche shall be dimensioned from the front of the tape, a raised oche shall be dimensioned from the back.

4.3          A player must remain behind the oche at all times unless retrieving darts.

4.4          The oche shall be at least one metre in length.                                                                                             

4.5          A player may move to a point either side of the oche as long as the player remains behind the oche .

4.6          Any breaches of Rules 4.3 or 4.5 will result in a warning and subsequent breaches will result in a loss of score for the dart to this purpose a line or oche judge must be approved by both captains.


5.1          A throw shall consist of 3 darts thrown 1 at a time unless the match or leg finishes in less than 3 darts or a score of greater than the required is thrown (otherwise known as a bust)

5.2          Under no circumstances may a dart be re-thrown.

5.3          If a player touches any dart that is in the board during a throw the throw will be deemed to be completed.

5.4          Any dart thrown after a player has scored the required double shall not count as the game is already over.

5.5          A dart shall only score if the point remains in or touching the face of the board  after the “throw” has been completed and the score called.

5.6          The player can only be retrieved after the score has been called, retrieval of the darts before the score has been called shall result in no score.

5.7          The player must not leave the playing area during a throw.

5.8          The player must not seek advice from any person during a throw except to check score remaining but only from the ‘caller’         

5.9          No throw should exceed 3 minutes.


6.1          In all games only the caller who shall be appointed by either side and shall stand on the opposite side to the marker shall assess the score.

6.2          The caller shall ensure the match is played in accordance of the match rules.                                      

6.3          Upon completion of the throw the caller shall decide the score and relate it to the marker and scorer.

6.4          If the call is incorrect the marker, player or team captain may ask for a correction but only before the next throw.

6.5          When calling the remaining score the caller must state the total not the doubles i.e.: 40 not double 20.

6.6          Incorrect remaining call shall be as follows:

[a] The advised total is scored with the required double resulting in GAME SHOT    

[b] If the player scores lass than the advised total the value scored during that throw shall be deducted from the actual total remaining, i.e. if a player is advised he need 60 but in reality needs 58 and scores 20 the remaining score shall be 38.                                                           

[c] If the player scores more than the advised score and the actual score the result is a “bust”.

[d] If the player scores more than the advised score but less than the actual remainder the true remainder will remain, i.e. the player needs 62 and is advised 58 but throws 60 the remaining score shall be 2 not bust.


7.1          The marker is the person responsible for writing the score and the remainder on the black/white board.

7.2          The marker shall be appointed from either side but shall be from the opposite side of the caller.

7.3          The caller, player or captain may correct the marker, but must do so before the next turn or the remainder stands.

7.4          No alteration can be made once the score has been played on.

7.5          Where possible the marker should stand on the opposite side of the caller.


8.1          The scorer must be appointed y the home team.

8.2          The scorer is responsible for writing the official scores in the N.D.A. score book.

8.3          The scorer must ensure all scores are correct and all columns in the score book are filled in correctly.

8.4          The captain is responsible for ensuring that no nick names are placed in the scorebook.

[9] SCORING      

9.1          Only darts where the point remains in or touches the face of the board at the completion of the throw shall score (5.5).

9.2          The score is taken from the from the side of the wire in which the score enters.

9.3          Removal of the dart from the board before the call is made will result on n score being  recoded.

9.4          The bust rule shall apply when a player throw more than the required amount and a score shall revert to that required before the throw.

9.5          Darts in the outer or double band shall score twice the number value and darts in the inner or trebles band will score three times the number value.

9.6          Darts in the outer bull shall score 25, and darts that hit the inner bull shall score 50 or double 25.

9.7          Any queries to the score must be made before the team or throwers next throw.

9.8          No player can query a winning or losing double once the dart has been removed.

9.9          [a] Should a player ‘check’ a dart score and then hit a winning double and the checked dart falls out, it will still be game shot.

[b] Should a player miss the required double, only the darts remaining in the board shall score.     

[c] No dart shall score if it fails or is knocked out off the board unless it is checked during a winning checkout score.


10.1        Players must throw in the same order as written on the scorebook, failure to do so will result in a loss of throw.

10.2        The order of play shall be determined by the home team captain tossing a coin and the winning team captain shall have the option to go first or second for the bull. Closest dart to the bull shall throw first in the match.

10.3        The winning team from the previous game shall go first for the bull in the next game.

10.4        Two darts in the bull shall result in a re-throw.

10.5        Darts to close to call shall result in a re-throw.

10.6        Any throw to bull that results in a bounce out may be re-thrown.

10.7        If the player lands in the bull he/she must remove his/her dart from the board as not to impede the throw of the opponent.

10.8        In the ‘best of three’ singles the winner of the bull shall throw second in the second leg and a coin toss shall decide who goes first in the third or deciding if needed.

10.9        If a dart thrown for bull does not land inside a scoring area it must be re-thrown


11.1        All matches are to commence between 7:45pm - 8.00pm

11.2        The matches consist of :

2x Trebles - 701 flying start, double finish.

3x Double - 601 flying start double finish.

6x singles - 501 flying start double finish.

 (A Grade singles to be played best of three games)

11.3        Teams must arrive before the above start time so matches can commence on time.
Lateness contributes to matches finishing later than usual and issues with venues curfews
may arise as a result.


12.1        The captain is responsible for his teams conduct. Captains to follow and uphold  the “N.D.A. Captain’s Responsibilities” guidelines

12.2        Ensures all players are registered with the N.D.A.

12.3        Games are started by the appropriate time and teams are written in the scorebook.

12.4        All new players are noted on the scoresheet.

12.5        Scorebook and dartboard are supplied (home captain)


13.1        A full team shall consist of six players and two reserves may be used at the completion of the trebles games.  

13.2        A player arriving after the commencement of the second trebles shall not be included in the game. This includes any reserves listed on the scoresheet. All players are to make themselves known that they are in attendance, prior to the commencement of the second trebles game.

13.3        A team with less than five players shall forfeit the match and maximum points will be awarded to the opposing team. A match shall not commence unless there are a minimum of 5 players ready to play.

13.4        A team playing with only five players shall play 2 against 3 in the trebles, 1 against 2 in the doubles and shall forfeit the last singles game. In the trebles, the second game shall contain only two players. In doubles, the third game shall contain only one player.               

13.5        All payers and reserves must be listed on the official N.D.A. scoresheet prior to the commencement of play.

13.6        A missing player shall forfeit his/her turn in sequence.

13.7        One score book per team shall be supplied free at the start of their first season. All other scorebooks must be purchased from the committee at cost.


14.1        No players other than those participating in the match are allowed in the playing area.

14.2        Opposing players must stand at least one metre behind the thrower.

14.3        Players must remain silent when a throw is in progress.

14.4        When calling or marking body movement is to be kept to a minimum.

14.5        A player must wait until their opponent has left the playing area before toeing the oche.

14.6        No player may conduct himself or herself in a manner that will bring discredit to themselves, their team or the N.D.A.

14.7        During play all enquiries must be directed to the caller or marker only.


15.1        All previous rules shall apply except all games to be best of three format with a best of five final.

15.2        If numbers permit, a double life system may be implemented but only with a committee member present and the consent of 75% of those present.



17.1        N.D.A. players are required under the code of conduct, to behave at all times in a way that upholds N.D.A. values. The code of conduct requires that players must:

[a] When playing as part of or representing the N.D.A. behave honestly and with integrity and treat everyone with respect and courtesy, without harassment.

[b] Must behave in accordance to the rules and regulations of the constitution.

17.2        Should the anybody break the code of conduct or be seen as bringing the N.D.A name into disrepute or doing anything that would be considered working against the N.D.A for their own or someone else’s purposes shall be brought up before a tribunal of a minimum three (3) respected N.D.A members separate from the committee to decided if that person is to be found guilty of the charge laid by the committee.

17.3        Should the tribunal find the person guilty they will also decide on a suitable punishment, the N.D.A will do everything in its power to make sure that a suspension is upheld across all leagues.


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