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NDA Sponsorship

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Sponsor The NDA:

Just $50 For 12 Months

Enquire Now!!


We at the NDA want to promote YOUR business or workplace. We are looking for products and services that our players, venues, supporters, family members & friends can use as they need them.

How it works:

For example, if you have a broken window at your house or workplace, etc. then we want people associated with the NDA, to refer to our website for a window repairer. Those who chose to advertise with the NDA, will increase their business potential and hopefully your new customers will recommend your business to their friends or colleagues outside of the NDA.

What’s in it for YOU?

1. We will display your business card or advertisement on the NDA Partners page of our website for one year.

2. Your business card or advertisement will link to your website or website listing, so people exploring the NDA website will lead to people exploring your website.

3. Extensive marketing of your business on the NDA website and to our members through emails, newsletters, etc.

4. Promotion on our much-visited social networking site, Facebook.

5. Invitations to attend NDA Tournaments and Events - where you will have great networking opportunities.

6. Recognition of your partnership with the NDA.

7. If you want to take things a step further and decide to contribute a higher amount or further your service towards the NDA, then you will gain much larger exposure on our main homepage. For much larger contributions, you will be considered for naming rights of NDA Tournaments and Events.

Advertising With The NDA:

If you decide to use the NDA to advertise your products or services, then all we are asking for is a yearly sponsorship of just $50 and, in return, we provide you with the advertising rights mentioned on the previous page. No further costs will apply, unlike the examples discussed above. So it doesn’t matter how many people view your business, it won’t cost you any further.

You pay your $50 for 12 months of displaying your business card or ad at At the end of 12 months if you decide to renew your business further, you simply pay to have it displayed for a further 12 months and so on. If you do not decide to renew, then you need not pay and we will remove your business card or ad from the website.

The Committee, Players & Supporters of the NDA hope that you take up an advertising place on our website.

The Aim Of The NDA Shall Be To Promote The Game Of Darts.